As an “Inter Faith Humanitarian Advocate” of extraordinary ability


  • With her divine qualities as a prophetess she serves for people across the society, people of all walks of life – be it public or politician, celebrity or businessmen, etc. without any discrimination of race/color/language/nationality/religion, etc. This reach is across the human society helping reduce the burdens as much as she can in day-to-day life of individuals is a commendable contribution to the society on the whole.
  • With her divine gifts she helps Institutions when they approach her for help. By helping to find solutions for public problems she directly helps the society through the Public Bodies
  • When Political or World Leaders or Global Organization Leaders approaches her she helps find best Peace Solutions on Political/Economic/Governmental/Inter-governmental/Natural or Manmade Issues thereby helping the Global Community
  • She helps the World on-the-whole by addressing the bigger and biggest issues faced or going to be faced by the world and guiding the appropriate fields towards solutions. e.g. Asteroid, Ozone layer holes, Natural Disasters, etc. thereby helping humanity on-the-whole.
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"Pray and make a wish to the Divine Mother to get relieved from afflictions and prosper in life."

The Direction ...The Ultimate Truth... The Destiny...
Our iconic Leader, Messenger, Savior.
Prophetess of the EAST.

Noble Mother Gayathri
Our faith, hope and love renew.
Live Head Lines:
"Don't gamble your own future, instead of believing others, act now, without delay". "The sooner you realize the soul purpose of your birth you will become precious to God". "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you learn will make it better for the future". "Change your thoughts before the evil world changes you." "Life is worth living when you have true belief in it."