As an “Inter Faith Humanitarian Advocate” of extraordinary ability

Confirmation of the original contributions of major significance to her field and her performance in a critical or essential capacity with institutions of distinguished reputation, and proven to be extraordinary

As Founder Trustee of the GRK’s TRUST and Sri-Raja-Sri GAYATHRI MATHA THIRUSSTHALHAM (TEMPLE) everything was done on self-interest without any appeal and with very limited people’s help

  • Instigating Novopharm to sponsor Can$ 50,000/- worth of appropriate medicines to be sent to India during the time of Plague
  • Helping the survivors of Tsumani with one 40 feet container full of items to India & One 40 feet container full of items to Srilanka [The aide included Medicines, Clothes, Beddings, Food Items (Rice, Long-dated canned items, packed dry foods, etc.), readymade Baby foods, Children items (Snack items,etc.), Starting from the Blankets, Tootpaste, Brush, Soap, Toileteries, etc. Maximum all emergency needs] and through local global charities such as Oxfam
  • Conducting prayers for the Twin Tower Victims including Army Soldiers in London
  • Sponsoring footwears for 3000 srilankan refugees children camp in Trichy
  • Funding for Heart Operation and Kidney Transplant, etc.
  • Helped preserve, protect cultural and family values by running Vacation Hindu School, Conducting School Education Trips in our own Place of Worship
  • Sponsoring canned food items, toys and clothes for the kids on every charity day at school
  • Sending foods to old-age homes on festival days
  • Sponsoring tree-saplings for the Jewish Foundation
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"Pray and make a wish to the Divine Mother to get relieved from afflictions and prosper in life."

The Direction ...The Ultimate Truth... The Destiny...
Our iconic Leader, Messenger, Savior.
Prophetess of the EAST.

Noble Mother Gayathri
Our faith, hope and love renew.
Live Head Lines:
"Don't gamble your own future, instead of believing others, act now, without delay". "The sooner you realize the soul purpose of your birth you will become precious to God". "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you learn will make it better for the future". "Change your thoughts before the evil world changes you." "Life is worth living when you have true belief in it."