As an “Inter Faith Humanitarian Advocate” of extraordinary ability


  • The Holy Child (Divine Mother Gayathri) was born in 1969 she is 45 years now. Serving humanity from the age of 6 means she has put-up 39 years of humanitarian service which has gained her a place in the UK National High School Curriculum in the History of World Religion and puts her standing amongst the top few percentage of these kind of extraordinary people. Her ongoing increasing Divine Gifts of various dimensions should put her at the very top in the field setting her as the good example for the world. She is the living moral inspiration and the best example for leading a holy life. It should be looked-up on. It is not comparable with any other source or paranormal or incompetent comparisons
  • Her highly educated 47 year husband positively encourages and stands as a pillar for her humanitarian services by being the Architect of the Organization Structures and Systems.
  • The significance of her contributions are so vital and filling the vacuums and holes created and uncreated in human life and society and therefore very fulfilling.
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"Pray and make a wish to the Divine Mother to get relieved from afflictions and prosper in life."

The Direction ...The Ultimate Truth... The Destiny...
Our iconic Leader, Messenger, Savior.
Prophetess of the EAST.

Noble Mother Gayathri
Our faith, hope and love renew.
Live Head Lines:
"Don't gamble your own future, instead of believing others, act now, without delay". "The sooner you realize the soul purpose of your birth you will become precious to God". "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you learn will make it better for the future". "Change your thoughts before the evil world changes you." "Life is worth living when you have true belief in it."