As an “Inter Faith Humanitarian Advocate” of extraordinary ability

“Divine Mother Gayathri”
How did she acquire this title?
Which organization gave that?

      Which University/Organization gave the title Mahatma for Mahatma Gandhi, or the title Mother for Mother Teresa. Likewise it is the way of life that defines our Divine Mother. These descriptions have to be gained by living so. Naturally the people watching around will start defining the individual Holy/Divine. And when others seeing the individual’s life also feel so, they also start feeling to call the same. This is the tradition behind describing our Gayathri Madam as a real Mother and really Divine. And so described as Divine Mother Gayathri, whilst the word title should be corrected. It isn’t like a title Dr/Mr/Mrs, etc.
  • “She fulfills the genuine notion of a Guru” says Sanjay Kohli (See 2002 BBC2programme EAST, where they did a reach on the 21st Century’s Guru) after his spiritual experience with her.
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"Pray and make a wish to the Divine Mother to get relieved from afflictions and prosper in life."

The Direction ...The Ultimate Truth... The Destiny...
Our iconic Leader, Messenger, Savior.
Prophetess of the EAST.

Noble Mother Gayathri
Our faith, hope and love renew.
Live Head Lines:
"Don't gamble your own future, instead of believing others, act now, without delay". "The sooner you realize the soul purpose of your birth you will become precious to God". "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you learn will make it better for the future". "Change your thoughts before the evil world changes you." "Life is worth living when you have true belief in it."