As an “Inter Faith Humanitarian Advocate” of extraordinary ability

In what way the Nation will be benefitted

Although she is an Asset to the entire World:

  • Wherever she is based becomes the epicenter of her service and more number of people gets to benefit than the number of people coming to see her or approaching her from other parts of the world
  • Therefore her subtle nature, attitude, human culture and broad thinking spreads amongst the society on-the-whole in a subtle way thereby benefitting smooth peace and harmony in the Nation
  • Moreover, Divine Mother and her Husband wants to voluntarily help the world to benefit from her divine gifts. They would like to take their service to a totally different and effective Global Level without any label of religion, cult and with pure divinity. A number of life changing project plans are on the way for humanity to benefit. So far during her lifetime she has covered most of the East, Middle-East and Europe and now she wishes to provide the service in America ( to setup the Global Level Base).A true human would abide by Gods Laws and the Law of the Land.
  • By concentrating on the list of every religion which is the same spirituality Mother’s service unites everybody in faith gathering the souls closer to God whilst following their individual religious guidelines in their comfort zones.
  • The world benefits by sharing the credit of Divine Mother’s Prophecies, Services and Blessings.
  • Not many people of the US would have travelled to meet or know about mother when she lives elsewhere, but many would when Mother lives in US.
  • The US faith community had been diversifying further and further whilst it is high time to Unite every good humans with common values with the help of a Belief System and School of Thought like Divine Mother’s and her Blessed Guidance.
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"Pray and make a wish to the Divine Mother to get relieved from afflictions and prosper in life."

The Direction ...The Ultimate Truth... The Destiny...
Our iconic Leader, Messenger, Savior.
Prophetess of the EAST.

Noble Mother Gayathri
Our faith, hope and love renew.
Live Head Lines:
"Don't gamble your own future, instead of believing others, act now, without delay". "The sooner you realize the soul purpose of your birth you will become precious to God". "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you learn will make it better for the future". "Change your thoughts before the evil world changes you." "Life is worth living when you have true belief in it."